Bucked Bad Boy


Passion at first sight.

Camille Starr thought her loser boyfriend dragged her to middle-of-nowhere, Minnesota so he could get in touch with his inner cowboy—not so he could cheat on her at a rodeo. Obviously, she dumps him—but what’s a black girl from Atlanta to do when she’s stuck in a town with more cows than people? Accidentally hook up with a hot, white, billionaire cowboy, of course…

Sawyer Adkins has been called an entitled playboy; not that he cares. All he wants is to have a good time while his older brothers run the ranch that made his family rich. He doesn’t think much of his steamy night with a goddess…

When secrets and jealousy threaten to tear the unlikely couple apart, will love truly conquer all—or is this cowboy billionaire beyond redemption?

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Adult content. 18+ readers recommended.


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