Author Promotions

Cupid’s Draw aims to provide the leading Kindle promotional service for the romance niche and all of its major sub-genres. By targeting our promotions to any of 26 granularised interest groups we maximise the relevance of our campaigns. One of the most significant variables in Amazon’s book ranking algorithm when it comes to driving traffic to Kindle sales pages is relevance. Amazon are well aware of all the 3rd party promotional services Kindle authors regularly employ to drive traffic to their sales pages, and wasted traffic from irrelevant or non-specifically targeted audiences can actually reflect badly upon the ranking score for a book.

Amazon will favour a book that has a higher relevancy score based on targeted traffic to sales than one which receives intermittent and unnaturally large looking spikes in traffic with some sales.

Another great feature of Cupid’s Draw’s author services is that we allow books at any price point to be promoted. For too long the locus of Kindle marketing services as been bargain based. This has created a sort of race to the bottom in terms of price structure for many self-published authors and with this can often come a perceived sense of poorer quality amongst the readership of many book discovery lists. And, of course, pricing your books at $0.99 for promos all the time means you only get a 30% royalty! Cupid’s Draw’s services free you from this price prison and enable you to find a sweet spot that can maximise ROI.

To try out our campaigns, simply click on the blue button below which most suits the genre of your romance book. You’ll then be taken to a booking page for that genre which will allow you to choose a date for your promotion as well as allowing you to include all relevant information required to place an order with us. Once all these details have been completed you’ll then proceed to PayPal where you can finalise your booking. That’s all you need to do. Once your campaign goes live to our segmented mailing list on the date of your choice, a unique click tracking link for your campaign will be available at this page:

In case you were wondering, the pricing structure for these promotions reflect the level of subscription we have for each specific genre.

If you have any questions / need to change anything about your booking, please reach us at contact <at> cupidsdraw <dot> com

Happy promos!