A True Billionaire’s Heart

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A Billionaire Love Triangle Romance

A standalone short story with guaranteed HEA!

32-year-old Tasha Winters may have been devastated over her failed relationship, but her broken heart isn’t enough to stop her from pursuing her dreams and perhaps finding love and happiness again.

After closing a deal with young billionaire, Bret Walton, for her web development company, she was ecstatic. Having recently taken over his father’s real estate empire, he was currently one of the most eligible bachelors of America.

Tasha just hit the jackpot: a major boost in her business and a gorgeous lover in one!

Bret woos and inspires her big-time, but doesn’t seem to be interested in a real commitment.

Meanwhile, another powerful and handsome billionaire arrives in town to expand his global retail business, hiring Tasha’s company as well. Unlike Bret, Carter Crawford prefers to keep a low profile because of a dark past.

He’s smart and serious, and happens to be the ex-boyfriend who left Tasha eight years ago without any explanation. However, despite his betrayal, Tasha finds herself still immensely affected by his presence.

Just when she and Carter start to rekindle the romance, Bret surprises her with a marriage proposal. Will she choose the man who has shown her nothing but kindness but may have a hidden agenda or the man she’s known and loved who has caused her tremendous pain?

For a limited time only, 8 bonus full-length novellas and short stories included!


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This book is filled with mature contents and flaming HOT scenes, intended for 18+ readers only!


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